Meet Liam from Lakes Entrance. He now lives in the city and is a seasoned driver, hitting the road to visit home every holiday. 

Liam’s got some handy tips on how to securely pack your trailer, tray or roof rack - so you don’t lose your stuff and create a hazard on the road. 

Before you hit the road on a well-earned break this summer, hear what Liam’s got to say – you might learn loads!

Individual sections of the Load Restraint Guide 2018 can be downloaded from the National Transport Commission website.

Safe tips for all seasons

 Driving around heavy vehicles
Driving with secure loads
 Driving in extreme heat
Driving in Floods
Driving in Snow
Black Ice
Cold Conditions
High winds and heavy rain

The Seasoned Drivers are experts at navigating the tricky seasonal conditions we face on regional Victorian roads.

We’ll be adding videos each season as conditions change, so check back here often, or follow Regional Roads Victoria on Facebook to see each video as it’s released.