For the latest emergency information visit Vic Emergency

For road closure information in bushfire affected communities visit VicTraffic

For information on school and early childhood service, TAFE closures and relocations, and bus service cancellations/alterations, visit Education and Training

Reopening bushfire affected roads

Read more on how we're opening bushfire affected roads.

Road to Recovery - North East Victoria

Road to Recovery - East Gippsland

Driving in smoke

Motorists are asked to exercise caution with thick smoke reducing visibility on roads. 

Here are some tips for driving in smoke:

  • use headlights on low-beam to improve visibility, even during the day
  • close windows
  • set air-conditioning to recirculation to reduce the smell of smoke inside the car
  • leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the one in front to allow safe braking distance
  • be mindful of cyclists and pedestrians who may not be as easy to see
  • pull over if visibility deteriorates and it becomes unsafe to continue. If you do pull over use your hazard lights.

Real-time traffic information is available at VicTraffic website via the VicTraffic mobile app.

Registration and ID for bushfire affected residents 

When in a bushfire affected area, you may need identification to pass through some traffic management points.

If you have lost your driver licence due to bushfire, VicRoads can provide you with a replacement at no fee. To arrange a replacement card, call 13 11 71 or visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

VicRoads can also assist you with replacing your registration documents or cancelling registration on a fire-damaged vehicle.

For more information visit bushfire relief assistance.