Image of motorcyclist riding on a race track

Delays are likely heading to and from the Island for the 3-day event, running Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th February.

The 'blue line' road marking system will be in place on the Melbourne-bound lane of Phillip Island Road. Blue lines on the road temporarily split traffic into two lanes, effectively doubling the capacity of the road.

Drivers and riders have a shared responsibility in ensuring each other’s safety.

Drivers need to remain vigilant at all times, as motorcyclists may be difficult to see. Use mirrors and do a head-check when changing lanes to make sure blind-spots are clear.

Motorcyclists are permitted to ride two-abreast, alongside one other rider, up to 1.5 metres apart. 

Lane-splitting, the practice of motorcycle riders travelling at high speed between moving traffic, is not legal in Victoria. Lane-filtering however, travelling at up to 30km/h through stopped or slow-moving traffic, has been permitted since 2015.

Travel options from Melbourne to Phillip Island include:

  • Train services linking Southern Cross Station with Stony Point to catch the connecting ferry, and with Dandenong to catch a regional bus
  • Coach services running from Southern Cross Coach Terminal, Thursday-Monday
  • Ferry services between Stony Point and Cowes
  • Regional bus services operating from Dandenong and Cape Paterson/Inverloch/Wonthaggi

VicRoads and Regional Roads Victoria are working closely with event organisers, the Victorian Motorcycle Council and Bass Coast Shire Council to manage traffic flow and road safety during this event.

Phillip Island is home to a wide range of birds and animals that are particularly active at dusk and dawn. Injured wildlife can be reported to Wildlife Victoria on (03) 8400 7300.

For the latest traffic information around the state visit VicTraffic or download the VicTraffic app via your app store.

If you see any hazards on our roads, please report them to the VicRoads Traffic Management Centre on 13 11 70, open 24/7. In an emergency, call Triple Zero.