Update - 9 October

Due to wet weather, the superload has not yet reached its destination and is currently delayed south of Camperdown.  The move will recommence when it is safe to do so.


Starting its journey from the Port of Geelong at 11pm Sunday night, the superload is set to reach the intersection of Princes Highway and St Georges Road in Geelong around midnight. There will be a full road closure here for around 30 minutes as the superload passes through.

This is a complex operation due to the size and weight of the superload so there are no designated viewing opportunities available for safety reasons.  Please keep clear during transit and when parked as safety is our number one priority.

Plan your journey
The transport vehicle is just over 600 tonnes and over 100 metres long which means it must travel at a very slow speed of only 25km/h.  At over five metres wide it takes up the entire width of the road, so can’t be overtaken..

We’ll have a crew on site for the whole operation making sure your roads stay safe during and after the move. They’ll be assisting to get the vehicle safely around corners, temporarily removing signage and lights, placing steel supports over existing drainage and then putting everything back in place once the superload has passed through.

The route of the superload is subject to change but is planned to travel along the following major arterial roads. For further information such as timings, refer to the map below. 

  • St Georges Road 
  • Cox Road
  • Anakie Road 
  • Geelong Ring Road 
  • Colac-Ballarat Rd
  • Grassy Vale Rd
  • Larpent Rd
  • Princes Hwy
  • Camperdown Cobden Rd
  • Bowen St
  • Princes Hwy
  • Terang Mortlake Rd
  • Boundary Rd
  • Hamilton Hwy


map showing what the superload route is from Geelong to Mortlake from 6 - 9 October  

View a larger version of the map showing the travel from Geelong to Mortlake [PNG 229Kb]

During the move, updates will be available on VicTraffic.

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