From late-February 2024, a new speed limit will be introduced on the Pyrenees Highway between Chewton and Castlemaine to ensure a consistent speed limit between the two towns.

A 50 km/h speed zone will be in place along a 6.4 kilometre stretch between White Gum Track in Chewton and Castlemaine, changed from a mix of 80km/h, 60km/h and 50km/h speed limits.

The changes follow community calls for a speed review to allow for a safer and more consistent speed limit along the Pyrenees Highway.

The new speed limit also reduces the likelihood of collisions and if a collision does occur, the new speed will help limit the severity of injuries.

The speed change will add around 90 seconds to journey times.

When reviewing speed limits, a robust evidence-based process is completed which considers road safety, road users and volumes among other factors.

The highway provides an important link to other nearby towns including Chewton, Elphinstone and Taradale.

Please look out for the new speed limit and travel safety through the area.

Chewton safer speeds map

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