This complex intersection – which included a one-way slip lane – has been improved and simplified to provide drivers with a clear T-junction and better visibility of approaching traffic.

Previously the configuration of these roads resulted in some drivers entering Portland-Casterton Road using the slip lane in the wrong direction. 

Now, the slip lane has been completely removed to eliminate the risk of traffic merging at high speeds, the sight distance has been improved and the intersection entrance at Portland-Casterton Road has been significantly widened to allow better access for heavy vehicles. 

Semi-mountable traffic islands and turning lanes have also been installed on the Princes Highway from both directions, as well as flashing lights on the Portland-Casterton Road approach to warn drivers of the upcoming intersection. 

Significant road rebuilding and drainage works have also been completed to improve the quality and longevity of the road itself. 

This upgrade is part of the Australian and Victorian governments’ $40 million investment to improve the Princes Highway between Colac and the South Australian border. 

Image of the Princes Highway and Port-Cast Road intersection