RRV Regional Director North Eastern Steve Bowmaker said the new fauna crossing followed successful installations at Longwood, Violet Town, Avenel and Baddaginnie. 

“The first bridge and glider pole sites were installed on the Hume over a decade ago, mainly to protect squirrel gliders – a species threatened with extinction in Victoria and New South Wales,” Mr Bowmaker said. 

“They are placed in areas known to have high numbers of wildlife, then the animals’ natural curiosity leads them to explore. 

“We implement strategies including wildlife corridors, animal underpasses and rope bridges on our regional road network to help our native wildlife cross the busy road safely while reducing the risk of hazards to drivers.” 

Mr Bowmaker said the crossings help to maintain the link between populations of native animals that would otherwise be split by the freeway. 

“This not only works to improve animal numbers, it also improves genetic diversity,” Mr Bowmaker said. 

The new overhead rope bridge will be installed at Reef Hills near Benalla on July 17 or 18 (whichever date is most suitable weather dependent) from approximately 9:30am to 12:30pm. 

Traffic on both carriageways will be reduced to one lane and speed set at 40 km/h while works are undertaken. 

Traffic stoppages of between 5-10 minutes will be required on both carriageways to facilitate the steel cable suspension and rope ladder attachment. 

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