Work is underway to trim low hanging branches from approximately 40 trees between Chapel Street and Ventnor Road to prevent trucks and high clearance vehicles from hitting them as they travel underneath.

RRV’s Acting Regional Director (Eastern), Pas Monacella said there are over 100 Golden Cypress trees lining this section of the road and these works will improve safety for drivers and protect the trees from sustaining damage.

“We know these trees form an important part of the Phillip Island landscape and are loved by locals and visitors alike,” Mr Monacella said.

“Currently higher vehicles collide with low hanging branches as they drive under. This not only has the potential to cause damage to both the vehicle and the tree, it also obstructs driver vision, which is a safety concern for us.

"RRV worked with an arborist to plan this project and we are confident it will achieve a good outcome for the community and the environment.”

The tree trimming works are expected to take several weeks to complete. Lanes closures and reduced speed limits will be in place during the works with minor travel delays expected.