Regional Roads Victoria, Northern Operations Manager Matt Gard said drivers were likely to see an increase in the number of heavy vehicles on the roads over the coming months.

“North central Victoria is home to a diverse agricultural industry and with harvest season well and truly here we’re urging everyone to be alert and share the roads responsibly with heavy vehicles,” Mr Gard said.

“Keep an eye out for trucks transporting produce from farms in the north to markets in the south and farmers moving large machinery, right across the region and particularly near plantations in the Macedon Ranges.

“Ensure it’s safe to overtake large vehicles, remain patient and be aware of the blind spots that are common with larger vehicles.

“Road safety is the responsibility of all road users, and we want everyone travelling on our network to make it home safely.”

Mr Gard also urged those driving heavy vehicles to ensure they were adequately rested before getting behind the wheel.

“Fatigue is one of the biggest causes of trauma on Victoria’s roads. If you feel you’re too tired to drive, either swap with another licenced driver, or take 15 minutes to have a power nap.

“We know during harvest season, farmers do sometimes need to work longer hours. What we’re asking is that before anyone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they take a moment to assess if they feel suitably alert to drive.

“It could be the difference between making it home safely or not.”