RRV North Eastern Regional Director Nicki Kyriakou said a rigorous annual program of roadside maintenance and inspections plays a vital role in preparing for the 2018 fire danger period, which came into effect across much of the region in October. 

“Our role is to support emergency services by co-ordinating traffic management and detours throughout the course of any emergency and associated recovery period,” Ms Kyriakou said. 

“We then share this information with the community through regional media networks, VicTraffic and our social media platforms.” 

To ensure that detour routes remain safe for use, particularly during periods of increased fire danger, RRV undertakes a number of assessments including examinations of road surfaces, roadside reserves and other surrounding infrastructure. 

“We want to ensure that if there is an emergency situation, people are able to leave an affected area quickly and safely,” Ms Kyriakou said. 

RRV staff have been out on the region’s 4,000-kilometre network ensuring that detour routes are safe and clear of obstacles, along with conducting an extensive roadside mowing program across the region’s arterial roads. 

“Our staff also work alongside arborists to assess roadside trees and determine whether they could fall and block detour routes in the event of a fire,” Ms Kyriakou said. 

“Other mitigation works include roadside weed spraying, inspecting static detour signage and other routine maintenance.” 

Emergency management preparation is a year-round process for RRV’s North Eastern Region to ensure staff are prepared for any emergency situation that may arise. 

“We also work closely with the CFA, Victoria Police and the Department of Environment, Land, Planning and Water to assess levels of risk and co-ordinate our mitigation works,” Ms Kyriakou said. 

RRV also plays a role in the follow-up to any emergency situations, assessing and repairing affected road infrastructure to ensure the network is safe for all road users. 

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