This massive vehicle – 58 metres long, 4.5 metres wide and 5.5 metres high – will be hauled by three trucks in an operation spanning three days to reduce the impact on the road network and alleviate congestion for drivers.
The first leg of the journey will start at 11pm on Sunday 17 February and travel from Glen Waverley, along Westall Road, South Road, Beaconsfield Parade, along Footscray Road and Somerville Road, then onto Western Freeway to Melton where it will park during the day of Monday 18 February. 
The second leg of the journey will start at 11pm on Monday 18 February, where a third block truck will be added to the load making it 68.5 metres long. It will travel along Gisborne-Melton Road, left onto Diggers Rest-Coimadai Road, and then onto the Western Freeway at Bacchus Marsh.
The Western Freeway, from Dicksons Road to Old Melbourne Road, will be closed for approx. one hour between 1am – 4am on Tuesday 19 February, as the Superload travels on the opposite side of the road. It will reach Bungaree at around 4am, where it will be parked for the early hours of the morning.
If the Western Freeway is part of your journey during these hours, consider changing the time you start your journey. There will be significant delays of 45 minutes as the Superload travels along the opposite side of the road on the Western Freeway.
The final leg of the journey will start at 7am on Tuesday 19 February, from Bungraee and arrive in Horsham at approximately 2pm, where it will make its way through the town.  Keep a safe distance from convoy and consider not travelling through the area between 2pm and 3pm as the Superload passes through. From Horsham, it will continue on to Murra Warra, arriving at 4pm on Tuesday 19 February.
Traffic lights and signage will be moved and replaced by support crews and steel supports placed over existing drains to ensure the convoy has the safest possible journey and doesn’t damage important infrastructure on the way through.  
We’ll have a crew on site for the whole operation, making sure your roads stay safe during and after the move.
Superload facts :
  • 320 tonnes
  • 58 metres long (68.5 metres from Melton onwards)
  • 4.5 metres wide
  • 5.5 metres high
  • It will be moved by three prime movers, with two trucks pulling it and one at the rear pushing the load.

Plan your journey 

If you need to travel in south west Victoria on these nights, we recommend you consider changing the start time of your journey, or plan ahead by allowing 45 minutes additional travel time as traffic will not be able to pass the superload.
smaller image of Murra Warra Superload Route Map

View a larger version of the Murra Warra Superload Route Map [JPG 2.5Mb]