Image of the Princes Highway in Bairnsdale

From Friday 28 June 2024, a 60 km/h speed limit will be in place along a three-kilometre stretch of the highway through Bairnsdale.

The 60km/h zone replaces a mix of speed limits and stretches from the Bairnsdale weighbridge in the west to the Bairnsdale Regional Health Service in the east.

The existing speed of 80km/h from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator weighbridge to Calvert Street will be reduced to 60km/h. In addition, the existing speed of 70km/h from Calvert Street to Forge Creek Road will be reduced to 60km/h.

The speed changes will add around 45 seconds to journey times.

The new speed limit will reduce the likelihood of collisions and if a collision does occur, will help limit the severity of injuries. 

When reviewing speed limits, a robust evidence-based process is completed which considers road safety, road users and volumes among other factors.

The population of Bairnsdale has grown significantly over the past decade with many new residential and commercial developments increasing the number of vehicles on the highway, including the residential development along the adjacent Bairnsdale-Dargo Road.

More people are also crossing the Princes Highway to access the new shared user path in the centre median of the highway.

The new speed limit will increase safety for heavy vehicles using the weighbridge located south of the Bairnsdale-Dargo Road intersection, as well as at the Racecourse Road intersection that has increasing traffic from sporting and recreational events.

Please look out for the new speed limit and travel safely through the area.