Tell us about your role in the Incident Control Centre.  

I was one of the many people from Regional Roads Victoria positioned in the various Incident Control Centres (ICC) as an EMLO – Emergency Management Liaison Officer.  I was there to help facilitate road closures and openings, including updating the VicTraffic website so our community had up to date information.    

I also fielded questions from others within the ICC regarding the condition of the roads. In particular when the Great Alpine Rd had to close again in January due to a landslide following the bushfires.  I also assisted with the coordination of work to clear the Great Alpine Rd at that time.

Helen Fisher

What have been the highs and lows of helping during bushfires and recovery? 

The absolute highs have been seeing the level of dedication from our crews to respond to incidents as requested, despite potentially being affected by the bushfires themselves.  

The lows of course are seeing the level of devastation to the communities that we work and live in.

Have the bushfires affected your family and friends? 

My husband’s family and friends were directly affected by the fires – they lost some out buildings but luckily no houses.

What can people be doing to support bushfire affected communities?

Donate to local charities, local CFA brigades or local programs designed to rebuild specific communities that have been impacted by the fires.

What thoughts or ideas will you take away from this work? 

That there are improvements that need to be implemented at all levels of response to these types of incidents, but also pride in the local community with the way that it has responded in the face of such utter devastation in some areas.

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