Update - May 2021 

To prepare for the new intersection we’re relocating services such as power, water, gas and telecommunications. 

Works to relocate these services will occur from Monday 24 May 2021 and run until the commencement of construction from August 2021.

Traffic management will be in place during service relocations, including a 40km/h speed limit on Glenelg Highway, Wiltshire Lane and Cherry Flat Road.

Traffic flow will be maintained in all directions, however minor delays of up to five minutes are expected during works.

Traffic controllers may also be used to regulate traffic and some weekend work may also be required.

Access to Cherry Flat Road and Delacombe Town Centre will be maintained at all times during this work.


This intersection meets with Smythes Road and Cherry Flat Road making it a critical connection point to Sebastopol, Lucas and Delacombe.

Recent developments in the area, including the Delacombe Town Centre, have resulted in a significant increase in traffic using the current roundabout. 

More than 15,000 vehicles use this intersection each day, including around 700 vehicles each per hour during peak periods. This is expected to increase by 50 per cent by 2041.

This upgrade will a provide a safer crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists accessing the Delacombe Town Centre and other nearby shops and facilities in the area.

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Map showing Wiltshire Lane and Glenelg Highway intersection upgrade, Delacombe

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The upgrade will include:

  • replacing the roundabout with traffic lights and installing dedicated turning lanes
  • adding bicycle boxes at the traffic lights and bicycle lanes on approach
  • installing new lightning and landscaping
  • installing a concrete central median to improve safety.

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