Update - August 2020

Construction at the Sturt/Russell/Morrison street intersection is largely finished, with the extension of the east-bound right turning lane from Sturt Street into Russell Street and the addition of a left-turn lane from Russell Street into Sturt Street.

These works are in preparation for traffic signals to be installed later this year. Until the traffic signals become operational, the left-turn lane from Russell Street into Sturt Street will be temporarily closed to improve safety for pedestrians crossing that intersection. Once the lights become operational, the left-turn lane will be reopened to traffic.

After the traffic signals become operational, the school crossing on Sturt Street near Loreto College will be removed and students and other pedestrians will be encouraged to use the signalised intersection to cross Sturt Street. The right-turn movement from Hamilton Avenue onto Sturt Street will be permanently closed to reduce the risk of crashes.

Benefits of upgrading this busy intersection include improving traffic flow, particularly during peak work and school times, and improving the safety for cyclists and pedestrians. 

Sturt Street and Russel Street intersection 


The Ballarat West growth area will be home to more than 40,000 people in the coming decade, with the city’s population set to more than double by 2040. An improved Sturt Street will support this growth and make the road safer and more reliable for people travelling to work, school and other activities.

We conducted a Sturt Street West Efficiency and Safety Report, which identified areas where safety and efficiency needs are not being met. The report recommended options to improve the road and formed the basis of discussions with key stakeholders in the area, as well as the broader community.


The Victorian Government has invested $4.8 million into the detailed designs and construction of the Sturt Street West improvements. This project will make journeys more efficient for drivers along this busy road and provide safer options for pedestrians in following areas:

  • Ballarat Clarendon College/ St Patrick's College precinct
  • Sturt Street/ Russell Street/ Morrison Street intersection
  • Longley Street/ Ballarat High School precinct
  • Arch of Victory/ Cuthberts Road precinct
  • Service road access at Northam Way and Production Drive

Works at the Ballarat High School precinct are now complete. Please see a breakdown of the upgrades below.

Vale Street

We have modified this intersection so that drivers can only turn left in to Vale Street and left out on to Sturt Street. Preventing right turns in and out of Vale Street will improve safety and traffic flow at this intersection.

Ballarat High School

We have improved this precinct for staff, students and their families by modifying access arrangements at Ballarat High School. The changes included:

  • extending the right-hand turning lane into the school, to reduce congestion during pick-up and drop-off times
  • improving the road surface at the entrance and exit of the school
  • preventing drivers from turning right out of the school, to reduce the risk of accidents at this intersection.

Longley Street

We have upgraded this intersection to prevent drivers from turning right out of Longley Street, to reduce the risk of accidents at this intersection. Drivers can still make a U-turn on Sturt Street at this location.

Wanliss Road

We have added a new U-turn lane on Sturt Street to reduce the risk of rear-end crashes at the Wanliss Road intersection. We have also provided new entry and exit points to the service road, relocated the school crossing refuge in the Sturt Street median and constructed a new footpath to connect the school crossing with the existing footpath on the service road.

Image of Sturt Street West intersection upgrades

View a larger version of the Sturt Street West Improvements project map

Have a say

We worked closely with key community stakeholders, including the City of Ballarat, Transport for Victoria and residents, schools and businesses to investigate ways to make Sturt Street West work better for everyone. We conducted several engagement activities to understand your experiences, existing issues and preferences for the future of Sturt Street West.

You can read more about the feedback we received in the Community Consultation Summary, March 2018 [PDF 154 Kb].

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Write: Sturt Street West Improvements, PO Box 580, Ballarat, Vic 3353