Improving Mair Street is critical to supporting the future economic and population growth of Ballarat. This project is an important part of the City of Ballarat’s CBD Strategy: Making Ballarat Central (2010) [PDF 150pp].

Update – March 2019

The Victorian Government has invested $7 million for Stage 1 improvements between Humffray Street and Davies St, which are currently under construction. 

Stage 1 of Mair Street upgrade is progressing well with works at the Humffray Street intersection almost complete.

The next stage of the project involves adding an additional lane of traffic in each direction between Davies Street and Humffray Street, to improve traffic flow along Mair Street. These works are planned for mid-2019.


Mair Street is a high-volume, important corridor connecting local businesses, retailers and schools in the area.

Improvements to Mair Street will improve safety, ease traffic congestion and promote the corridor as a main road through the CBD, with upgrades including:

  • two traffic lanes in each direction
  • safer areas for pedestrians to cross the road
  • designated bike paths 
  • changing angle parking to parallel parking to allow for additional traffic lanes
  • upgrading intersections 
  • improved landscaping
See an overview of the project length below    

Mair Street upgrade master plan showing the entire projected upgrade

View a larger version of the overall master plan for Mair Street

Project stages

We’re upgrading Mair Street between Dawson Street and Victoria Street. To limit impacts to the community, we’re delivering these works in staged sections, with the first of these works between Davies Street and Humffray Street currently underway. 

We are continuing to finalise the detailed design for the remaining sections, with construction subject to funding. 

Works between Davies Street and Humffray Street 

Works to upgrade the intersection of Humffray Street and Mair Street started in January 2019 and are expected to be complete by April 2019. The total upgrade to this section between the Humffray Street intersection and Davies Street is expected to be completed before the Christmas 2019 peak season. 

Upgrades to this section include: 

  • synchronising traffic lights to allow more drivers to turn onto and off Mair Street from Humffray Street 
  • improving the road surface
  • widening kerbs to create a shorter distance for pedestrians to cross the road
  • planting new trees in a newly created median and roadsides
  • adding one traffic lane in each direction
  • reconfiguring carparks from angle to parallel
  • improving the bike path and providing a buffer zone.

Between Doveton Street and Armstrong Street (complete)

While major works are underway to build the Ballarat GovHub, and to facilitate movements of heavy vehicles necessary for this project, we are completing only minor road improvements between March 2019 and April 2019. These works include: removing carparks in the centre median in front of Civic Hall, and extending the right turn lane into Doveton Street to reduce congestion on Mair Street.

Further improvements to this section will be undertaken in January 2020.

Remaining sections (subject to funding)

Between Humffray Street and Victoria Street

Upgrades to this section include: 

  • an additional Melbourne-bound lane
  • upgrading the Victoria Street intersection to increase capacity
  • provide a dedicated slip lane for Melbourne-bound traffic
  • Installing centre median to reduce conflict points

Dawson Street and Mair Street intersection

Upgrades include: 

  • Removing the roundabout and installing traffic lights 

Dawson Street and Sturt Street intersection

  • Intersection improvements 

Lydiard Street to Davies Street

Upgrades to this section include: 

  • removing Grenville Street roundabout and installing traffic lights 
  • connecting CBD bike path to railway station

Other works

Between Dawson Street and Lydiard Street

Service relocation works will be completed in sections in advance of roadworks and will be staged at various time throughout the project.

Related projects 

There are a number of other major projects happening nearby in Ballarat, including: 

To mitigate disruptions to the community, we are coordinating the delivery of Mair Street works in-line with these projects. We thank you for your patience while we complete these important upgrades for Ballarat. 

Car parking

We’re working with the City of Ballarat and local businesses to refine final designs and look for opportunities to create new parking spaces in the area. To ease congestion and improve traffic flow within the available road space, we are changing on-street parking from angle to parallel, and removing parking within the centre median.

The State Government has committed to providing 1,000 new car parks in Ballarat. 

Have a say

Across 2016, 2017 and 2018, we completed extensive community engagement with the local residents and businesses, and sought advice and input from citizen advisory groups, transport industry experts, and the City of Ballarat to develop plans for the Mair Street Upgrade.  

To understand the needs of local businesses and mitigate impacts during construction, we established a project monitoring group in 2017. Representatives of this group include -

  • Ms Jodie Gillett - Commerce Ballarat
  • Ms Jo Guerts - Bakery Hill Kindergarten
  • Mr Roger Howlett - Ballarat Leagues Club
  • Mr Stephen Whelan - Bursons
  • Mr Phillip Sargent - Freight Bar
  • Ps Phillip Tong - Ballarat Christian Fellowship

We’re continuing to work with the businesses and stakeholders to better understand how we can improve plans, and mitigate impacts during construction. 

What's next?

We’re finalising the design for the remaining sections of Mair Street and exploring upgrades to the Grenville Street intersection. 

A funding bid has been submitted to the State Government for the construction of the remainder of the Mair Street Upgrade.

Get in touch

If you'd like more information about the project, or the timing of works, please get in touch.

Write: Sturt and Mair Streets, PO Box 580, Ballarat, Vic 3353