Update - November 2020

The beautification of Mair Street, between Davies and Princes streets, is now complete, bringing an end to the first phase of this upgrade project.

In recent weeks landscapers have planted 2350 plants and 34 trees in centre medians and intersection beds. Plants have included Snow Maiden, Pig Face, African Lily and African Daisy, as well as Ornamental Pear, Chinese Elm and London Plane trees.

Figure 1: Landscaping of the centre median and intersection garden beds in Mair Street, between Davies and Princes streets, is now finished.

Figure 1: Landscaping of the centre median and intersection garden beds in Mair Street, between Davies and Princes streets, is now finished.

The major upgrade of Mair Street, between Davies and Princes streets, started in early 2019. Design for this key section of the upgrade was a result of working with traders, the City of Ballarat and the community, and listening to their feedback.

Key section completed

Upgrade works on a key section of Mair Street between Davies and Princes streets are now finished and included:

  • additional lanes added to allow for increasing traffic movements 
  • safer pedestrian crossings, including pedestrian operated signals near Davies Street (we will let you know when these signals will be operational)
  • inclusion of bike boxes at signalised intersections to separate cyclists from vehicles while waiting for the lights to change
  • changing from angle parking to parallel parking in some locations to improve safety and allow for additional traffic lanes
  • synchronised traffic signals along the route to allow more efficient traffic flow and for more drivers to enter and exit Mair Street from Humffray and Peel streets
  • upgrading intersections, including additional turning lanes.

We thank the Mair Street businesses, the Mair Street Monitoring Group and other key stakeholders for working with us throughout this project to improve plans and minimise impacts during construction.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we completed these important upgrades for Ballarat.

While these works have been completed, we continue to encourage people to stay at home to protect our health system and save lives. There are only five reasons to leave your home during coronavirus (COVID-19), and they are for food and supplies, medical care, exercise, work or education and visit friends, family and loved ones while adhering to the rules.

Mair Street intersection

Mair Street intersection

What's next?

We’re working on plans to upgrade the Lydiard Street and Armstrong Street intersections to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety in Mair Street.

We will get back to you with more information about these two intersections once plans have been finalised.


Mair Street is an important high-volume corridor connecting local businesses, retailers and schools in the area.

Improvements to Mair Street will improve safety, ease traffic congestion and promote the corridor as a main road through the CBD.

The Victorian Government has invested $7 million for Stage 1 improvements between Princes and Davies streets, which are currently under construction. 

The upgrade of Mair Street will greatly improve the way you move through this busy and fast-growing area by creating more reliable journeys and improving safety for road users.

A total of 22 new trees will be planted in Mair Street, between Humffray Street and Princes Street as part of the upgrade of this section. The trees will be a combination of London Plane trees and Chinese elms, and are scheduled to be planted in coming months.

Map of Mair Street Davies Street to Humffray St safety improvements

View a larger version of the map

Map of Mair Street Humffray St to Princes St safety improvements

View a larger version of the map

Improving traffic flow

To improve safety and accommodate for the new traffic lanes, we have converted some of the angle parking to parallel parking.  

RRV has worked with Mair Street businesses and City of Ballarat to refine the original design which detailed the loss of 63 car parks. Changes to that original design have included adding formalised parking in Davies St North as well as reducing the loss of parking along Peel Street. We have also consolidated loading zones where they are being underutilised. 

As a result of these changes, we estimate the number of parking bays between Davies Street and Princes Street will be reduced from 250 to 210. 

Together with the City of Ballarat, we’re continuing to explore additional opportunities for parking in nearby side streets.

To learn more about changes to parking and the City of Ballarat’s Smart Parking Plan click here.

Works between Davies Street and Humffray Street

Upgrades to this section included: 

  • synchronising traffic lights to allow more drivers to turn onto and off Mair Street from Humffray Street 
  • improving the road surface
  • widening kerbs to create a shorter distance for pedestrians to cross the road
  • planting new trees in a newly created median and roadsides
  • adding one traffic lane in each direction
  • reconfiguring carparks from angle to parallel
  • improving the bike path and providing a buffer zone.

Making Mair Street safer

A raised median was constructed on Mair Street to provide refuge for pedestrians and safely separate opposing traffic lanes. We’re reducing crossing distances to create safer access for pedestrians.

Changes to Mair Street movements are as follows:

Left in and left out only:

  • East Street (north)
  • Laneway between East Street North and Pearse Street
  • Pearse Street
  • Coal Gears Road
  • Little Peel Street
  • Davies Street (north)

Left in, right in and left out

  • Bakery Hill shopping access Davies Street (south) 
  • Ballarat Leagues Club 
  • Wilson’s Fruit and Vegetables

U-turn facilities are available adjacent the Ballarat Leagues Club and Bakery Hill shopping complex.

Between Doveton Street and Armstrong Street (complete)

While major works are underway to build the Ballarat GovHub, and to facilitate movements of heavy vehicles necessary for this project, we completed minor road improvements between March 2019 and April 2019. These works included: removing carparks in the centre median in front of Civic Hall, and extending the right turn lane into Doveton Street to reduce congestion on Mair Street.

Further improvements to this section will be undertaken in late 2020.

Remaining sections (subject to funding)

Dawson Street and Mair Street intersection

Upgrades include: 

  • removing the roundabout and installing traffic lights 

Dawson Street and Sturt Street intersection

  • intersection improvements 

Lydiard Street to Davies Street

Upgrades to this section include: 

  • removing Grenville Street roundabout and installing traffic lights 
  • connecting CBD bike path to railway station

Other works

Between Dawson Street and Lydiard Street:

Service relocation works will be completed in sections in advance of roadworks and will be staged at various time throughout the project.

Related projects 

There are a number of other major projects happening nearby in Ballarat, including: 

Have a say

Across 2016, 2017 and 2018, we completed extensive community engagement with the local residents and businesses, and sought advice and input from citizen advisory groups, transport industry experts, and the City of Ballarat to develop plans for the Mair Street Upgrade.  

To understand the needs of local businesses and mitigate impacts during construction, we established a project monitoring group in 2017. Representatives of this group included -

  • Ms Jodie Gillett - Commerce Ballarat
  • Ms Jo Guerts - Bakery Hill Kindergarten
  • Mr Roger Howlett - Ballarat Leagues Club
  • Mr Stephen Whelan - Bursons
  • Mr Phillip Sargent - Freight Bar
  • Ps Phillip Tong - Ballarat Christian Fellowship 

Get in touch

If you'd like more information about the project, or the timing of works, please get in touch.

Email: ballaratprojects@roads.vic.gov.au
Write: Sturt and Mair Streets, PO Box 580, Ballarat, Vic 3353