Ballarat Safer Cycling Connections

Together with the City of Ballarat, we have a suite of projects to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists through the Ballarat CBD, Sturt Street and suburban areas.

image showing a Ballarat Shared Path

The Transport Accident Commission has allocated $9.3 million to fund the Ballarat Safer Cycling Connections Project as part of its $100 million program to make roads safer for all road users, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists.
Project summary
This strategic project will link and/or upgrade multiple existing formal and informal bike paths across Ballarat and make cycling a practical, efficient and safer transport option in and around the city.

The project scope includes the upgrade of six high-risk intersections along Sturt Street which would primarily make the precinct safer for motorists and would have flow-on benefits for cyclists and pedestrians using the bike path on the south side of the Sturt Street median.

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Project benefits

  • Reduced likelihood of serious crashes between road users
  • Improved traffic flow
  • Improved pedestrian and cyclist safety
  • Connecting missing links in the cycling network
  • Reactivating Sturt Street by bringing more people to the centre median gardens.

Watch the video below to hear how a reactivated may benefit Ballarat:






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