Project Update - September 2020

We’ve completed Stage 1 works to improve safety along Midland Highway, between Shepparton and Cosgrove South. 

Our crews have been onsite since early 2020 between the East Goulburn Main Channel and 200m east of Pine Lodge South Road, working to widen and strengthen the road in preparation for the installation of flexible safety barriers. 

Stage 2 works are underway to improve safety on the Midland Highway, 200m east of Pine Lodge South Road to Kay Road. Works on this stretch of road will be completed by the end of June 2021, weather permitting.  

What this means for you

Our crews are onsite from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. 

During works, drivers can expect the following disruptions: 

  • a reduced speed of 40km/h through the work site, to protect both workers and drivers
  • a reduced speed of 60km/h after hours to protect road users.  

Crews will aim to keep two-way traffic where possible and access to properties from the Midland Highway will be kept open.

If you’re travelling through the area, keep an eye out for changed traffic conditions, plan ahead and allow up to five minutes extra travel time.

We thank you for your patience while we complete these important safety improvements. 

What we’re doing 

We’re delivering the following road safety improvements along the Midland Highway:

  • widening the road and sealing road shoulders
  • installing left-hand side and centreline flexible safety barriers to reduce the risk of run-off-road and head-on collisions
  • installing rumble strips to alert drivers if their vehicle begins to veer from their lane
  • constructing additional overtaking lanes to create safe overtaking opportunities.
  • installing safety pullover bays in each direction
  • exploring minor safety improvements to intersections and local accesses
  • investigating the extension of the existing 80km/h speed limit from Connors Road in East Shepparton for approximately 1km to the Goulburn Murray Channel.

Infrastructure plays a vital role in preventing serious crashes. It also helps reduce the severity of crashes when they’re unavoidable.

Road safety infrastructure such as flexible safety barriers, wide centreline treatments and rumble strips help prevent the most common crash types, head-on and run-off-road collisions, which in 2015 were responsible for 40% of Victoria’s road deaths and serious injuries.

Mistakes happen, which as humans we can’t always avoid. What we can do is build more forgiving road infrastructure so that when a mistake does happen on the road, it doesn’t cost a life.

To learn more about how we’re making Victorian roads safer visit our interactive safer roads website.

Why a safer speed limit?

We’ve received valuable feedback from residents and stakeholders along the Midland Highway regarding safety concerns for a section of road in Pine Lodge, including the bridge over the Goulburn Murray Water Channel. 

We’re investigating opportunities to improve safety in this location by extending the existing speed limit of 80km/h from Connors Road in Shepparton East for approximately 1km to the Goulburn Murray Water Channel. We’re also considering installing additional signage in this area to better alert drivers to this narrow section of road. 

Speeding is a major factor in serious injury crashes.

A safer speed of 80km/h would improve safety for the growing residential areas in Shepparton East, where more drivers are using the Midland Highway to connect to jobs and services in Shepparton.  

By implementing a safer speed limit of 80km/h, the stopping distance is 30% shorter than when travelling at 100km/h, reducing the risk of serious injury for all road users. 

Driving at 80km/h gives you 20% more time to react in dangerous situations and make better decisions than if you were travelling at 100km/h. 

Driver skills and experience vary greatly from person to person, we’re safer when the speed matches the road conditions and surroundings.


The Midland Highway between Shepparton and Cosgrove South has been identified as one of Victoria’s high-risk regional roads.

The Midland Highway is an important road in North East Victoria, serving as a key freight route for agricultural industries. This section of Midland Highway is also important for commuters, connecting the regional cities of Benalla and Shepparton.

In the five-year period between 2012 and 2017, seven people were seriously injured and tragically one person lost their life on this stretch of road. We’re installing safety improvements to reduce the risk of serious injuries and fatalities.

  Map of Midland Highway Safety Improvements - Shapparton East to Cosgrove South 

View a larger version of the Midland Highway Safety Improvements - Shepparton East to Cosgrove South [PNG 1Mb]

Environmental Sustainability 

As part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact of projects, timber collected from the Midland Highway, Shepparton East to Cosgrove South will be re-used. 

We’re in discussions with environmental agencies and local land care groups to ensure timber is re-used. Priority will be based on the end use being:

  1. Ecological – where the timber can be used for animal and fish habitats, such as tree root balls in waterways, tree hollows as habitats for animals and nests for birds, and logs for ground habitat.
  2. Sustainable/Community – examples include use in state parks for pathways and benches, logs for playground equipment in schools, local men’s sheds to create items such as park benches.

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The Victorian Government, in partnership with TAC, is investing $1.4 billion into road safety infrastructure to work towards a future where no one is seriously injured or killed on our roads.