Project update - June 2021

All major infrastructure upgrades have now been completed ahead of schedule between Connor Road and Kay Road. 

We would like to thank you for your patience during the construction of safety upgrades on Midland Highway between Shepparton East and Cosgrove South.

What we've done

 We’ve improved safety along this section of the Midland Highway by installing:

  • left-hand side barriers in high-risk locations to prevent run-off-road crashes
  • centreline flexible safety barrier to reduce head on crashes
  • building an overtaking lane in each direction to allow safe overtaking opportunities
  • widening and sealing road shoulders and applying rumble strips to alert driver when they are leaving their lane
  • improving turning lanes and upgrading intersection at various locations including Connor Road, Ebbott Road, Pine Lodge South Road and Berry Road to reduce rear end and side impact crashes 
  • improving access to properties; and
  • applying a safer speed of 80km/h from Connor Road through to the East Goulburn Main Channel.

Map - Midland Highway Safety Improvements - Shepparton East to Cosgrove South  

View a larger version of the Midland Highway - Shepparton East to Cosgrove South


Completed works on Midland Highway

Completed works on Midland Highway

Completed works on Midland Highway

Safer speeds

Nearly half of the deaths recorded on Victoria’s roads happen where roads have high speed limits between 100km/h and 110km/h. To achieve the best safety outcomes, speed limits should be appropriate for the road design and the road’s primary use.

When travelling at 100km/h, your chance of survival in a head on crash is only 10 per cent. When travelling at 80km/h, your chance of surviving this crash is 75 per cent.

The new safer speed of 80km/h, between Connor Road and the East Goulburn Main Channel was implemented in response to community concerns regarding road use and formation in the area, particularly nearing the Goulburn East Main Channel. We thank the community for your feedback regarding this section of the road. 

Background and next steps

The Midland Highway, between Shepparton East and Cosgrove South, was identified as one of Victoria’s highest-risk rural roads. In the five years from between 2012 and 2017, one person tragically lost their life and seven people were seriously injured.

Early engagement with the community showed support for the safety improvements being applied and enquiries as to whether the road between Cosgrove South and Nalinga would also receive upgrades. Concerns were raised about roadside hazards such as large trees, windier sections of road and people accessing properties from the high speed road. 

We are currently doing further investigations on this section and will be in contact with residents soon to discuss additional road safety upgrades that might be applied in the future should funding become available. We appreciate hearing your thoughts on the future works.

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The Victorian Government, in partnership with TAC, is investing $1.4 billion into road safety infrastructure, to reduce road trauma and save lives.