Update - June 2021

The upgrade of the intersection is progressing well and by the second half of June (weather permitting), we anticipate having completed works on the eastern side of Station Road, including:

  • widening the intersection and the eastern side of Station Road to make room for new turning lanes and traffic signals
  • completing the traffic lanes, bike lane and shared user path on the eastern side of Station Road from the medical centre to the roundabout.

Once works on the eastern side of Station Road are complete, we will commence works on the western side (station-bound) of Station Road. 

The traffic management that has been in place since mid-April will continue until works on the eastern side of Station Road have been completed. We anticipate this to occur in the second half of June, weather permitting. 

Station and Saunders Rd intersection 

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New traffic impacts

From the second half of June, works will move to the western side of Station Road. 

Access to Saunders Road will remain open during this phase. Right turns from Saunders Road into Station Road will now be permitted. Access may occasionally be restricted to complete works at the intersection. When needed signage will direct northbound traffic to turn left onto Station Road and complete a U-turn at the roundabout. 

We are working hard to maintain access for everyone while we construct the western (station-bound) side of Station Road. The following minor changes to access will be in place.

Service lane residents

  • Signage will be in place to direct residents safely through the western side service lane when we work in and around the service lane. 
  • Access to some properties in the western side service lane may be disrupted briefly. We’ll communicate directly with residents before any disruption to ensure you have access when you need it. 
  • Residents exiting the west-side service lane at Octagonal Court must turn left only into Station Road. To travel towards Gisborne, follow the signs directing you north and complete a U-turn.

Other impacts

  • Access to Farrell Street will be swapped to the Saunders Road end. Farrell Street will be closed temporarily at Station Road. 
  • Bus access will continue along Station Road. The bus stop at the medical centre will temporarily be relocated nearby to be out of the work zone.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to use the new shared user path, which will be open southbound towards Gisborne.

Works along Station Road and Saunders Road

What we’re doing

While we understand this phase of works may be an inconvenience to some travellers, the change in access will allow us to:

  • widen the intersection for turning lanes and traffic lights
  • install traffic signals and a pedestrian crossing
  • construct new traffic lanes on the western side of Station Road.

The works will be completed behind safety barriers, limiting the disruption to through traffic on Station Road. However, residents on the service lane on the western side of Station Road will need to drive through a small section of the works to access their properties. Signage will be in place to direct residents safely through the service lane. 

Please be respectful of residents living beside the work zone and avoid using side streets with ‘Local residents only’ signs. This is for the safety and comfort of these residents. 

Please take care when driving, riding and walking through the work site for your own safety, the safety of our road crew and the safety of others on the road and paths. 

Look out for any signs indicating changes in traffic conditions, follow instructions carefully, including reducing your speed.

We recommend you allow a little extra travel time.

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Gisborne Area Projects


Worker holding a Slow sign and a tractor in the backgorundWith works expected to be completed in mid-2022 the new intersection will take on a new look over time.

  • Construction of the upgraded intersection will be staged to make the most of favourable weather and avoid wet weather. We may pause construction over the wetter winter months. 
  • Where possible new lanes will be built while through traffic continues on the existing road. 
  • Turning at Saunders Road will be restricted at certain stages to construct the intersection and traffic lights.
  • Longer detours around the site will be minimised and advance notice provided beforehand. 

The initial works will impact traffic flow with traffic management in place at all times. We will communicate any disruptions prior to works commencing. 


To support the growth and development of the Gisborne area, the Victorian Government is investing $11.7 million to upgrade the Station/Saunders Roads (Gisborne-Kilmore Road) intersection in New Gisborne.

Based on our planning investigations and consultation with the community, we’ve developed a solution to upgrade this busy intersection to:

  • improve traffic flow
  • improve safety for pedestrians
  • improve safety for cyclists
  • support the local economy
  • support the efficiency of the road network.

From 2011–2014, we worked with Macedon Ranges Shire Council to investigate options to improve the way people and traffic move through the busy and growing Gisborne area. This included:

  • community consultation
  • stakeholder meetings to hear ideas from the local community groups
  • information gathering about traffic volume and movement including data on pedestrians and other road users
  • engaging specialist traffic engineer advice
  • drafting concept designs.

As a result of our investigations, we have already upgraded the Calder Freeway - Station Road intersections with the installation of two roundabouts.


Our design for the Station Road and Saunders Road intersection upgrade includes:

  • installation of traffic signals
  • dedicated right turn lane out of Saunders Road
  • left-turn slip lanes to help vehicles turn into and out of Saunders Road
  • new pedestrian crossings including traffic signals across Station Road to the shared paths near the intersection and a zebra crossing to be installed in the north bound service lane of Station Road.


Traffic signals will:

  • increase safety at the intersection, especially for pedestrians accessing nearby aged care and childcare, local schools and train station
  • reduce congestion and improve traffic flow for local and commuting traffic
  • improve safety and efficiency for heavy trucks and vehicles accessing New Gisborne’s industrial precinct
  • support Gisborne’s local economy by facilitating the growth of New Gisborne’s industrial precinct
  • support active transport for locals making short trips within the Gisborne area.

Worker in high vis coat planting seedlings


  • Frequently asked questions

    Why are traffic lights proposed instead of a roundabout?

    The benefits of traffic lights over a roundabout were identified as: 

    • no land acquisition required
    • safer pedestrian crossing facilities
    • fewer trees to be removed;
    • provides gaps in traffic to assist traffic entering at nearby intersections.

    By installing pedestrian crossing lights at this intersection and providing an on-road bike lane, this project will:

    • increase access to local community and education centres
    • support active transport for short trips within Gisborne
    • increase safety for all road users at this intersection.

    How have the community and stakeholders been involved?

    From 2011 – 2014, we conducted many activities in collaboration with Macedon Ranges Shire Council to investigate ways to support the growth of the Gisborne area. Further community consultation was undertaken in early 2018 to gather community feedback on the Station Road-Saunders Road intersection proposals. Feedback collected from these earlier consultations were incorporated into the concept design, which formed the basis for the construction of the proposed traffic lights.

    Will trees need to be removed to construct the proposed traffic signals?

    To make room for the safer signalised intersection and pedestrian crossings near the local childcare centre and aged care home, 18 trees will need to be removed.

    No-one likes to see trees being removed but it’s great to know the local environment is being supported in other ways with more than a thousand native seedlings already settling in at Magnet Hill.

    We’re working closely with Macedon Ranges Shire Council and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning to repurpose and reuse removed timber following community consultation during the design phase of the project. We’re also working with Macedon Ranges Shire Council on landscaping options for the traffic signals.

    Do the slip lanes allow left turns against the lights?

    Yes and this will prevent the banking up of vehicles.  

    Tell me more about the raised safety platform.

    Our Safe System approach recognises that people, as road users, make mistakes. In a Safe System, roads should be designed to reduce the severity of injury if crashes do occur. Raised safety platforms are speed management treatments capable of reducing the maximum comfortable operating speed for a vehicle and lowering the overall speed of vehicles closer to a Safe System collision speed.  The raised safety platform is proposed for the south bound side of Station Road.

    Will there be turning through the median?

    To reduce the likelihood of crashes and serious injuries there will be no openings for vehicles in the median to increase safety.  Vehicles will need to drive 350 metres and use the roundabout to turn.

    Can traffic signals cause queuing up of traffic? 

    Our specialist traffic engineers have undertaken modelling based on traffic counts in 2011 and 2015 and future growth projections.  The modelling and analysis are based on the predicted future peak hourly flows, which then in turn is able to predict queue lengths and delay times. The analysis undertaken has found that the proposed traffic lights will meet the required performance targets for the future peak hour traffic demand, as well as providing better facilities for walking and cycling.

    The signals will also be dynamic and able to adapt for volume and demand, to either speed up, or slow down the sequence when there are unexpected conditions to minimise delays, including during peak school drop off and pick up times.

    Tell me more about the footpaths and connections.

    The footpath will stay on the same side as it currently is, the east side of Station Road. The existing footpath on the service road will also remain.  Pedestrians with homes behind the service road will be able to cross Station Road safely.  We’ll work with Macedon Ranges Shire Council on whether to develop other connections.

    How will traffic be managed during construction?

    We'll work to keep disruptions to a minimum. We'll provide updates about changed traffic conditions providing advanced notice through letterbox drops and door-knocks, we will also update our webpage.

    Can an alternate truck route or truck bypass be considered?

    The need for an alternative truck route or bypass could be investigated, subject to future funding availability.  If it can be clearly demonstrated though a more comprehensive and broader consideration of traffic demand and people movement, including robust traffic modelling and detailed traffic surveys. This would also need to consider the broader movement of traffic, such as the development of the outer metropolitan road, and its potential impact on truck movements. This will need to be considered against other priority road planning projects.

    Can anything be done about noise?
    We have a noise policy that is used to manage traffic noise along our arterial roads. Given the nature of residential property accesses and amenity, noise measures such as noise walls are not practical or effective in this situation. We will look at signage to discourage the use of truck engine brakes near residential areas.

    What can be done to stop ‘rat running’ along the Station Road service road and Farrell Street?

    We’ll work with Macedon Ranges Shire Council on monitoring traffic changes once the intersection is finished. Macedon Ranges Shire Council will then make a decision on any action, depending on the results of the monitoring.

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