Update - July 2022

Crews have completed the first stage of works along Albert Street and are now working in the Albert Street centre median area.

This stage of construction will run until late October, weather permitting, with full project completion in November 2022 as planned.

Two-way traffic flow has now shifted to the outside lanes along Albert Street between Rubicon Street and Gray Street. 

There will be significantly less impact to property access within the footprint of works for the remainder of this upgrade and we thank all businesses in the area for their patience and understanding during this busy period of construction.

Traffic management, including reduced speed limits and lane closures, remains in place for the safety of all road users, including construction workers. 

Gawk screen removal

We are continuing to monitor the use of gawk screens during the construction phase along Albert Street.

These screens are an important safety measure for all road users, including construction crews, and can only be removed when safe to do so and without compromising the safety of crews on ground.

Screens will need to remain in place for the time being in other sections of the road and we will continue to assess opportunities to remove screens as works progress and when safe to do so.

Public transport

Interim bus stops are in place along Albert Street for the Ballarat Station - Federation University bus route (route 22).

Stops for inbound and outbound buses will be relocated approximately 150 metres south along Albert Street, adjacent to Subway and Kardinia Church.

A temporary signalised pedestrian crossing point has been implemented near the interim bus stops to support pedestrian movements.

Hertford Street traffic movements

Interim traffic arrangements are in place for traffic movements between Hertford Street and Albert Street until further notice.

Under this interim arrangement, both east and westbound lanes on Hertford Street (between Albert Street and Clarkson Street) will again be open to general traffic.

Motorists will be able to make left-turn movements between Hertford Street and the Albert Street northbound lane.

Detours will remain in place along Rubicon and Sutton streets for traffic seeking to turn right from Albert Street southbound lane into Hertford Street. 

Detours will remain in place along Spencer and Gray streets for traffic seeking to turn right from Hertford Street into the Albert Street southbound lane.

Heavy vehicles are required to detour around intersection until further notice, via Sutton and La Trobe streets.
We thank businesses and community for their understanding and patience while our crews continue to complete this upgrade as quickly as possible.

Raised platform design

Hertford Street and Albert Street intersection

View a larger version of the intersection

This upgrade will include a raised platform intersection to improve safety by encouraging drivers to reduce their speed as they approach the traffic signals. This is the first of its kind in Ballarat.

The current construction program will involve raising the entire intersection at the entrance and departure points through a gentle increase in gradient to ensure vehicles maintain a safe speed until they have passed through.

The raised platform will further support the improvements in pedestrian safety through the delivery of dedicated traffic signals.


The upgrade will include:

  • replacing the roundabout with traffic lights and installing dedicated turn lanes 

  • adding bicycle boxes at traffic lights

  • extending the central medians 

  • a new raised platform intersection

  • installing new lighting and landscaping

General upgrade information

We’ve developed designs with input and feedback from council, emergency services and nearby landowners and businesses.

Pedestrian safety and improving traffic flow were key considerations when developing our designs. And where possible and practical, we have made refinements to minimise impacts on the existing streetscape.

This upgrade will require the removal of six trees along Hertford Street and 15 parking spaces on Albert Street. 

We have given this matter serious consideration as we understand how important parking spaces are for the sustainability of local businesses. 

Where parking spaces can be safely retained, they have been, but we also need to make sure that this intersection can function safely and effectively once built, which has made the removal of these spaces necessary. 


This intersection connects two highways that meet in the heart of Sebastopol’s commercial centre.

Approximately 2900 vehicles use this intersection each hour during peak times. This is expected to increase by 50 per cent by 2041. There were 16 crashes in this area between 2014 and 2019.

There is considerable pedestrian activity in this area due to the intersection’s proximity to shops, food outlets, schools and aged care facilities. 

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Map showing Hertford and Albert streets intersection upgrade, Sebastopol

View a larger version of the map

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