Update - March 2022

The major construction phase is complete and interim traffic management measures are in place at this intersection until the traffic signals are activated.

Interim intersection arrangement

Traffic signals will be activated around mid 2022, once they are synchronised with the Gillies Street level crossing and the Howitt Street traffic lights to minimise delays.

During this interim period both northbound and southbound lanes will be open along Gillies Street and U-turn movements will be permitted at the intersection to allow northbound Gillies Street traffic to access the southbound lanes.

For safety reasons, right-hand turns will not be permitted from the Gregory Street and Gregory Street West legs into Gillies Street.

U-turn movements will again be permitted from the Scarlett Drive turning lane.

To access Gregory Street West from the southbound lanes, vehicles are required to make a U-turn from the Scarlett Drive turning lane and turn left into Gregory Street West from the northbound Gillies lanes. 


Gillies Street is a busy road connecting schools, a train station, recreation facilities and nearby shopping precincts.

Approximately 2400 vehicles use this intersection each hour during peak time. This is expected to increase by 60 per cent by 2041. There were six crashes which resulted in injuries in this area between 2014 and 2019.

Gregory Street West is not directly aligned with Gregory Street east, making it harder for drivers to turn right safely in or out of Gregory Street east onto Gillies Street.

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Map showing Keeping Ballarat Moving - Gillies Street and Gregory Street intersection

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With an increase in the number of people using Gregory Street and the continuous population growth in Ballarat West, traffic lights will:

  • improve traffic flow
  • provide safer turning opportunities 
  • Provide safer crossing points for pedestrians
  • reduce the risk of crashes at the intersection.

The traffic lights will be synchronised with the Gillies Street level crossing and the Howitt Street traffic lights to improve traffic flow and create better pedestrian access to the upgraded Wendouree Train Station and nearby destinations.

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