Update - May 2024

The Department of Transport and Planning has formally submitted the Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA) request to the Minister for Planning, following a review of the Minister’s assessment of the Beaufort Bypass Environmental Effects Statement (EES), and the Beaufort Bypass Inquiry and Advisory Committee (IAC) report.

The PSA request, once approved, will apply the Public Acquisition Overlay over the C2 alignment in the Pyrenees Planning Scheme.

An update will the posted on this website when the PSA request has been approved by the Minister for Planning. 

The Minister for Planning released the EES assessment and the IAC report in November 2023. The documents are available here.

EES Process

The Victorian Minister for Planning declared that an EES was required for the bypass planning project under the Environment Effects Act (EEA) 1978 on 22 July 2015.

The EES process informed decision-making on the bypass planning project under Victorian legislation.

We prepared the EES and draft Planning Scheme Amendment (C50pyrn), which the Minister for Planning allowed to be exhibited for public comment/submissions. 

The EES:

  • identified how the project planned to avoid, reduce and manage environmental impacts
  • discussed how the primary approvals followed the EES process

Public Exhibition

The EES and draft PSA C50pyrn were on exhibition for public review and comment between 28 March 2022 and 13 May 2022.

During this time, members of the public made written submissions on the EES and draft PSA. Submissions were made directly to Planning Panels Victoria (PPV). The submission process was independently collected by PPV. 

The EES and draft PSA documents are available to read at the bottom of this page.

Inquiry and Advisory Committee (IAC) process

The Minister for Planning appointed the Beaufort IAC under the Environment Effects Act 1978 and Planning and Environment Act 1987 to advise on the Beaufort bypass EES, draft PSA C50pyrn and the submissions received on the proposed Beaufort Bypass project. 

The IAC reviewed the EES, draft PSA and public submissions, and reviewed and considered the environmental effects of the bypass planning project in accordance with its Terms of Reference.

The IAC held a Directions Hearing on 17 June 2022 where the necessary arrangements and timetable for the public hearing were established.

The IAC held a Public Hearing between Tuesday 26 July 2022 and 8 August 2022 for the Beaufort bypass EES and draft PSA C50pyrn.

The IAC considered all submissions, presentations and evidence to inform its report which was submitted to the Minister for Planning in October 2022.

For more information about the Hearing, visit the Engage Victoria website.

Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA)

A draft PSA C50pyrn affecting the Pyrenees Planning Scheme was prepared and included in the exhibited documents (EES Attachment VI).

The draft PSA will enable the bypass planning project to be implemented in accordance with conditions contained within an incorporated document without the need for further planning permission. The PSA also includes Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO) to reserve land for road purposes and to enable that land to be acquired for the bypass planning project, should it be funded for construction in the future.

Submissions on the draft PSA were invited during the Public Exhibition period. 

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC) process

On 24 February 2021, the Federal Minister for the Environment determined that the bypass planning project is a ‘controlled action’ as it is likely to have a significant impact on Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES), which are protected under the EPBC Act.

Submissions on the matters assessed for the purposes of the relevant provisions under the EPBC Act, were invited during the Public Exhibition period.
After considering the Victorian Minister for Planning’s assessment under the EEA, the Federal Minister for the Environment will then make a decision as to whether to approve the controlled action application for the Project under the EPBC Act.

More information

Read the Beaufort bypass EES consultation plan [PDF 671 Kb]

Department of Transport and Planning

For more information about the Beaufort Bypass, EES documentation and the draft PSA email [email protected] or call 133 778.

For information relating to the EES process, please visit https://planning.vic.gov.au/environment-assessment/browse-projects/projects/beaufort-bypass, call the Impact Assessment Unit at DTP on (03) 8392 5503 or email [email protected].

Planning Panels Victoria (PPV)

For information about the IAC process, please call Planning Panels Victoria on 136 186 or email [email protected]

EES and draft PSA documentation 

EES Summary Document

EES chapters

EES Technical Appendices

EES Attachments 

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