[On-screen text: Bacchus Marsh Eastern Link Road planning study

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Bacchus marsh Eastern Link Road Study


Bacchus Marsh



Long Forest

Hopetoun Park

Melton West

School Ln

Geelong Bacchus-Marsh Rd

Parwan-Exford Rd

Ballart Railway Line

Browns Ln

Whelans Rd

Werribee River

Lerderberg River

Western Fwy (Eastern Interchange)

Bacchus Marsh Rd

Flanagans Dr

Western Fwy (New Central Interchange)

Lerderberg Park Rd

O'Connell Rd

Buckleys Rd

Gisborne Rd

Diggers Rest-Coimadai Rd

Bences Rd

Victoria State Government 

Department of Transport and Planning

Regional Roads Victoria

Authorised by the Department of Transport and Planning, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne

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