The Victorian Government has invested $4.3 million to deliver proactive stabilisation works at potential landslip sites along the Great Alpine Road in Gippsland. These works will help keep roads and communities open for business year-round.

Update - November 2022

Landslip prevention works are now complete on the Great Alpine Road.

You can find out more about each site on our interactive map.

What we did

Namestone Point

  • Stabilisation works at Namestone Point are now complete.
  • We have installed rock bolts, rockfall netting, and anchoring along the rockface to prevent future landslips, increase safety and reduce the risk of future road closures.

Namestone Point rock netting

Namestone Point rock netting

Landslip works at Namestone Point


  • Stabilisation works at Wiseleigh are now complete.
  • We have reconstructed damaged areas of the road, upgraded safety barriers and drainage, and improved the road surface.

Completed stabilisation works at Wiseleigh on the Great Alpine Road

Stabilisation works at Wiseleigh are now complete

Snakes Back

  • Stabilisation works at Snakes Back are now complete.
  • Works include flattening and stabilising the existing rock batters to prevent landslips and rock falls, reconstructing and widening the road, and installing safety barriers.
 Stabilisation works at Snakes Back

Stabilisation works at Snakes Back


A roadside geotechnical hazard is defined as a landslip (the movement of a mass of rock, debris or soil down a slope) or erosion (the loss of soil by the action of water). Geotechnical hazards are identified through a regular inspection program undertaken by trained, specialist geotechnical engineers.

We undertake works to address issues where a landslip risk has been identified.  These works include reconstruction of the road edge, retaining walls, road realignments and earthworks.


These works have improved safety for all road users, preventing future landslips and benefiting communities and tourists who rely on arterial road access being open for business all-year round.

The works are part of the Victorian Government’s Building Works economic stimulus package, which is investing $124 million to fix more roads and help communities get back on their feet as part of its economic response to the coronavirus pandemic.

We acknowledge that many parts of the state are responding to emergency flooding and in some instances assessing and repairing damaged infrastructure. Additional resources and crews are working through that response thanks to the Victorian Government’s $165 million Emergency Repair Fund.

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