The Strzelecki Highway is a key link for communities and industries within South Gippsland and Latrobe Valley and provides a connection to the Princes Highway East.

The Highway crosses the Strzelecki Ranges resulting in a mountainous and winding road with a lack of overtaking opportunities due to restricted sight lines and the volume of on-coming traffic. Currently there are no northbound overtaking lanes between Mirboo North and Morwell on the Strzelecki Highway.

These works will seek to improve safety by improving traffic flow and providing a safe overtaking opportunity.


For illustrative purposes only, subject to change


The proposed upgrades include:

  • Construction of a northbound overtaking lane on the Strzelecki Highway between Mirboo North and Morwell near Creamery Road
  • A right-hand turn lane into Creamery Road
  • Inclusion of left-hand side and centreline safety barriers where practical


  • Opportunity for vehicles to overtake in a safe and planned way
  • Reduced number of crashes and casualties including fatalities and serious injuries 

Next steps

Preconstruction works are anticipated to commence in 2023.

We’ll share further information as we progress this project.

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