Phillip Island is one of Victoria's premier tourist destinations, visited by 1.8 million people a year. This figure is expected to grow to almost 3.5 million by 2035.
As the only road link between Phillip Island and the Victorian mainland, Phillip Island Road carries between 10,000 to 15,000 vehicles a day.

With the growth in both resident and visitor numbers continuing, the Phillip Island Road corridor is under increasing pressure. Congestion, accessibility and safety have been identified as issues of concern, particularly during peak visitor periods.

Improving safety, access and traffic flow along Phillip Island Road is important to help support tourism in the region, and local businesses and residents in the community.

Interactive Map

We are now ready to share with you the updated design to improve Phillip Island Road in San Remo. You can view the design for San Remo, as well as the proposed design for Phillip Island in Newhaven via our interactive map.


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After seeking the community’s feedback on our proposed designs in mid-2019, we have made some changes. The details of our preferred design for Phillip Island Road in San Remo to improve accessibility, safety and traffic flow, now include:

  • installing a set of traffic lights at the intersections of Phillip Island Road and Back Beach Road, where new access onto Marine Parade would be created
  • widening the road for 2 new lanes, creating a total of 4 lanes between San Remo Parade and Bergin Grove, which would maintain good traffic flow through the Back Beach Road intersection
  • a centre median strip along Phillip Island Road from San Remo Parade to Bergin Grove to reduce the likelihood of head-on crashes
  • providing safer access at Bergin Grove with the removal of the right-turn onto Phillip Island Road
  • installing a new pedestrian crossing on Marine Parade for a safer connection to the bus stops



Phillip Island Road at San Remo - proposed plans



Benefits of these upgrades include:

  • improved traffic flow through San Remo and onto Phillip Island
  • improved access onto and on Phillip Island Road
  • improved intersection safety for those accessing Phillip Island Road from Back Beach Road, Marine Parade and Bergin Grove in San Remo
  • improved road safety for pedestrians and cyclists accessing Phillip Island Road 

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