Update – October 2023

Works onsite are progressing to reopen Tyers Road by December 2023.

Excavation of the cofferdam for the Traralgon side pier is complete. Crews are now completing the foundation work, which provides stability for the pier. This will prepare the pier for the concrete pour to take place

Works underway to prepare for the pier concrete pour

Works underway to prepare for the pier concrete pour

 All culverts have been installed to assist with drainage

All culverts have been installed to assist with drainage

Access to the Sandbanks Reserve is restricted as works are ongoing to replace the road pavement at the entrance. The road pavement will be replaced to provide a safer and more durable entrance to the area.

To allow this work to occur safely, the construction site gates have been moved past the Reserve entrance, further towards Tyers. For your safety and the safety of our crews, please do not enter the construction site.

View of the timeline

Recognising the importance of reopening Tyers Road as quickly as possible, RRV and the contractor SRG Global continue to work in partnership to identify ways to fast track reopening of the road safely.

Community initiatives – we want to hear from you

We understand that this is a difficult time for the local community, and we are committed to supporting the community. This includes supporting initiatives to build community resilience, support local businesses and bring the community together.

If you have an idea for a community initiative, please email it to [email protected].

Completed works

Construction works started in mid-May 2022. Extensive investigations and assessments concluded that the existing bridge will be decommissioned. The new bridge currently under construction is the quickest way to have Tyers Road reopened.

Works we have completed so far:

  •  cleared vegetation to allow access to construct the new bridge and road approaches
  •  created temporary working platforms in the river to allow construction of the piers
  •  completion of the new road foundation
  •  construction of bridge foundations (piling)
  •  Supporting bridge foundation on the northern side of the river in readiness for the first concrete bridge pillar
  •  concrete pour to form the Tyers side pier
  •  first beam lift for the Tyers side span
  • establishment of a temporary cofferdam to enable construction of the Traralgon side pier
  • placement of road culverts
  • concrete deck pour for the Tyers side span
  • completion of Tyers side pier foundation work


Built in 1936, the Latrobe River Bridge has a current load limit of 30 tonnes, which will be removed once the bridge is replaced with a new reinforced concrete bridge.

Safety will also be improved on Tyers Road. We will realign Tyers Road on each side of the bridge to remove the sharp curves and install left-hand-side flexible safety barriers and guard fence to protect motorists if their vehicles leave the road.

Between 2012 and 2018 six people have been injured in crashes on the curves north and south of the bridge, and one person lost their life.

We are also restoring three spans (approximately 18.3 metres long) of the Bluff Causeway Bridge, which was built in 1920-21.

The new bridge will be flood resilient. In the event of a flood, the new bridge will be re-opened quicker as the extensive structural investigations that were needed for the old bridge will not be required.  The adjoining road will also be flood resilient. A thick layer of rock has been placed under what will be the new road pavement to help minimise impacts on the road surface from wet weather. Culverts have also been placed under the road to help with water flow and drainage. 

When considering flood proofing the road including raising the height of the causeway and installing flood mitigation such as levee banks, requirements from the Catchment Management Authority must be met to ensure that areas upstream are not adversely impacted. 

Latrobe River bridge replacement detour map

View a larger version of the aerial view of the Latrobe River Bridge Replacement


  •  By upgrading the bridge, we’ll be able to remove the current 30 tonne load limit, saving time and money for businesses that rely on being able to drive heavy vehicles through the area.
  •  Removal of the current 30 tonne load restriction will save more than 10 minutes travel time for heavy vehicles. Local quarries, forestry, farms and small businesses that operate in your community will have great confidence for the future of efficient access for their operations.
  •  Safer travel by realigning sections of the road to remove tight curves
  •  Better protection for motorists who run off the road by installing left-hand-side flexible safety barriers and guard fence.
  •  The new bridge will provide you with a safe and secure future road connection between Traralgon and Tyers.

Caring for our environment

Environmental approvals for these works have been obtained under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act 1999.

We’ll continue to work closely with the community throughout the development and delivery of the project to ensure minimal impact on native Strzelecki Gums and wildlife.

Read more about how we’re protecting our environment and heritage here.

What happens next

Works are anticipated to be completed in December 2023.

Get in touch

For more information about this project, please get in touch.

Email:  [email protected]

Write:  Regional Roads Victoria Eastern Region, PO Box 158 Traralgon 3844