We’re upgrading several sections of the Princes Highway (the Esplanade) in Lakes Entrance to improve safety and accessibility for all road users, and to support local business.

Following input from the community and key stakeholders, the improvements will include:

  • Works to revitalise the foreshore, including footpath and lighting upgrades
  • New pedestrian crossing lights to improve accessibility
  • Pavement and drainage improvements to reduce the chance of flooding 
  • Intersection upgrades, making them safer for all users

All works are expected to be completed by mid-2021.

Update July 2019 

Works are currently underway to upgrade the foreshore path between Carstairs Avenue and Barkes Avenue, including construction of two safer pedestrian crossings.

Crews are also upgrading the area between Mechanics Street and the slipway, with improvements to drainage, pavement and the foreshore path. 

Lakes Entrance Complex maps Mechanics St  The Slipway

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Have your say

RRV is seeking community feedback on our initial design to improve pedestrian access and parking on the Princes Highway between Myer Street and Carpenter Street in Lakes Entrance. 

We initially reached out to the Lakes Entrance community in 2017 and 2018 to gain important feedback on this section of the highway. The feedback received has already helped shape the revised design of the Myer Street intersection and identified several other issues for this area, which include:

  • A lack of separation/protection from passing vehicles for people exiting their cars from parallel parking.
  • The narrowness of the shopfront footpath making it difficult for pedestrians to walk past each other, particularly where there are outdoor dining areas.
  • The bulk of parking being on the opposite side of the road to businesses, meaning people are forced to cross the road to access the shops. 
  • Parallel parking is seen as difficult, and some people prefer to stop elsewhere rather than parallel park.
  • Manoeuvres to enter and exit parallel parks cause congestion.
  • The area looks too urban as there is no green space or gardens except for the trees in the divider, which do not fit with the area.

We now have an initial design showing how we propose to address these issues along this section of Princes Highway, and we are seeking community feedback through an online survey.

The proposed changes include: 

  • Upgrade of the shopfront footpath, including widening by two metres;
  • Construction of a new carpark behind the shops by East Gippsland Shire Council;
  • Conversion of the on-road parallel parking to 45-degree parking;
  • Development of foreshore greenspace through the removal of the existing carpark.

Lakes Entrance Carpenter St Myer St

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There would be no loss of parking in the area as a result of these proposed changes.

You can take the survey by selecting the button below.

It will take approximately five minutes to complete and will close on Wednesday 31st July 2019.

Proposed improvements to Princes Highway artists impression

Artist’s impression of the proposed improvements to Princes Highway between Carpenter Street and Myer Street

Image 2_Proposed Footpath Upgrades Carpenter Steet to Myer Street_Artist_s Impression

Artist’s impression of the upgraded footpath between Carpenter Street and Myer Street


Planned works

  • Improvements to the foreshore footpath and carparks opposite Mechanics Street.

Lakes Entrance Complex maps Cunningham Quay Shared Path  Car Park

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  • An intersection upgrade at Carpenter Street, including new pedestrian crossing lights, is expected to be completed by December 2019.
  • Installation of solar lighting to the foreshore path between the Bullock Island roundabout and Myer Street. A trial section between Mechanics Street and the slipway is expected to be completed by August 2019.
  • An upgrade to the Myer Street intersection including removal of the slip lane and replacement with a dedicated left-turn lane, and improved landscaping. Works are expected to commence in mid-2020 and will include a raised safety platform similar to the Barkes Avenue intersection.

Image of a map of the Princes Highway and Myer Street intersection in Lakes Entrance

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Image 3_Proposed Myer Street Intersection Upgrade_Artist_s Impression

Artist’s impression of the upgraded Princes Highway-Myer Street intersection

Works completed

  • A new parking bay at the Jemmys Point Lookout at Kalimna making it safer and easier for people to stop and take in the vista. A pedestrian refuge, new footpaths, intersection improvements and new bus stops have also been constructed.
  • Intersection improvements and construction of a service road on the Esplanade at Laura Street, along with a new pedestrian crossing to the foreshore.
  • An upgrade to the Barkes Avenue intersection including new pedestrian crossing lights, upgraded bus stops, street lighting, a pedestrian refuge and a raised safety platform.
  • New pedestrian crossing lights, street lighting and pedestrian path connecting to the new boardwalk being constructed by East Gippsland Shire Council east of Mechanics Street.
  • New caravan & boat parking on the Esplanade between Myer Street & Stock Street.


  • Improved safety along the Princes Highway through Lakes Entrance for all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists
  • Better access to the foreshore and CBD for pedestrians, cyclists and those with mobility issues
  • Improved look and feel for the township, especially around the CBD, which will help boost the local economy

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Email: gippslandprojects@roads.vic.gov.au
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