We’re upgrading several sections of the Princes Highway (the Esplanade) in Lakes Entrance to improve safety and accessibility for all road users, and to support local business.

Following feedback from the community and key stakeholders, the improvements will include:

  • Works to revitalise the foreshore, including footpath and lighting upgrade
  • New pedestrian crossing lights to improve accessibility
  • Pavement and drainage improvements to reduce the chance of flooding
  • Intersection upgrades, making them safer for all users

Update - June 2020 

The reconstruction of the footpath on the northern side of the Esplanade between Bulmer Street and Carpenter Street is complete. Seats and bins will be installed along the footpath in June 2020.

Works have continued west along the Esplanade with reconstruction of the footpath between Mechanics Street and Bulmer Street.

Before Bulmer Street to Carpenter Street

Before: Bulmer Street to Carpenter Street

Bulmer Street to Carpenter Street

After: Bulmer Street to Carpenter Street


Planned works

Further improvements to be delivered during 2020 include:

  • Upgrades to the shopfront footpath and road drainage from Carpenter Street to Carstairs Avenue. These works will enhance the town centre and are anticipated to be completed in mid-2020.
  • Improvements between Carpenter Street and Myer street are anticipated to commence in late 2020. They include:
  • Upgrade of the shopfront footpath, including widening by at least two metres and landscaping
  • Construction of a new carpark behind the shops by East Gippsland Shire Council
  • Conversion of the on-road parallel parking to 45-degree parking
  • Development of foreshore greenspace, including new Norfolk Pines.

Lakes Entrance Carpenter St Myer St

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 Proposed improvements to Princes Highway artists impression

Artist’s impression of the proposed improvements to Princes Highway between Carpenter Street and Myer Street


  • A safety upgrade to the Myer Street intersection including removal of the slip lane and replacement with a dedicated left-turn lane, and new landscaping. Works will include a raised safety platform, similar to the Barkes Avenue intersection, to improve accessibility for those with mobility issues. The project is anticipated to commence in late 2020.

Image 3_Proposed Myer Street Intersection Upgrade_Artist_s Impression

Artist’s impression of the upgraded Princes Highway-Myer Street intersection

  • Installation of solar lighting to the foreshore path between the Bullock Island roundabout and Myer Street. This will improve the safety and experience of the foreshore at night. A trial section of the new lighting was installed between Mechanics Street and the slipway in July 2019 and received positive feedback from the community.  More of the lights between Bullock Island roundabout and Myer Street are anticipated to be rolled out by late 2020.

Three people walking down lit up street

An example of new lighting  

  • New pedestrian crossings at the intersections of the Esplanade and Stock Street, Whiters Street, Clarkes Road and Middle Street to make access to the foreshore safer. These will be constructed throughout 2021.

Works completed

  • A new parking bay at the Kalimna Lookout making it safer and easier for people to stop and view the Gippsland Lakes. A pedestrian refuge, new footpaths, intersection improvements and new bus stops have also been constructed.
  • Intersection improvements and construction of a service road on the Esplanade at Laura Street, along with a new pedestrian crossing to the foreshore.
  • An upgrade to the Barkes Avenue intersection including new pedestrian crossing lights, upgraded bus stops, street lighting, a pedestrian refuge and a raised safety platform.
  • New pedestrian crossing lights and shared path east of Mechanics Street.
  • Upgrading of the shared path between Carstairs Avenue and the slipway, including bridging the only gap in the foreshore path between Kalimna Lookout and Eastern Beach.
  • Trial section of solar lighting on the foreshore path to the west of the Coast Guard.
  • A new set of pedestrian crossing lights at the Carpenter Street intersection as well as a pedestrian refuge. 
  • New caravan and boat parking on the Esplanade between Myer Street and Stock Street.
  • Reconstruction of the footpath to the shopfronts on the Esplanade between Bulmer Street and Carpenter Street.

Carpenter Street traffic signals at intersection

The new pedestrian crossing and pedestrian refuge at Carpenter Street.


Improving safety for all road users by:

  • Improving and increasing pedestrian crossing opportunities.
  • Improving parking on-road and in carparks.
  • Implementing speed control measures.
  • Improving the foreshore path to give recreational cyclists and pedestrians a more enjoyable experience.

Encouraging local business and jobs by:

  • Improving footpaths to increase walk-by trade.
  • Enhancing the look and feel of the town to encourage tourists to visit.

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