The speed limit was reduced from 60 km/h to 50 km/h after strong advocacy from SurfCoast Shire, community, and representatives of the Aireys Inlet District Association, to improve safety for pedestrians and drivers on the Great Ocean Road.

The speed change was monitored over a six-month period, with independent data and community feedback gathered by Deakin University.

Following the trial, the speed change to 50km/h in Aireys Inlet is now permanent. The speel limit in Fairhaven has been reinstated to its original 60 km/h.

Why we’re changing the limit

The new speed limit was introduced in response to community concerns raised about the safety of the thousands of people relying on the Great Ocean Road each day to get to the shops, go to school or work, and get home to their families.

Community feedback received in our survey showed that reducing the speed limit from 60 km/h to 50 km/h improved perceptions of safe driving and reduced the number of people reporting drivers as “aggressive” or “too fast” for the conditions in this area.

However, through traffic data and monitoring, we have determined that the reduced speed limit is more effective in Aireys Inlet than Fairhaven. Our trial showed that the change in speed limit in Fairhaven did not significantly change the speed of traffic. Community feedback during the trial also identified the reduced speed as “too slow” for the area.

Please travel safely and look out for signs alerting you to changed traffic conditions.

What else are we doing to improve safety and efficiency in the area?

Survey feedback indicated that the community would like to see other safety measures for bike riders and pedestrians along the Great Ocean Road, including more footpaths and crossing points.

We will continue to monitor road safety in this area and be considering additional road safety improvements, including pedestrian crossing points.

Final report

During the speed limit trial, we worked with Deakin University to survey the community and collect data, including pedestrian movements, traffic volumes, vehicle types and speed. We have analysed before and after data (traffic volumes, vehicle types and speed, pedestrian movements), and completed an independent evaluation of the change, to determine its effectiveness and suitability and future safety improvements in the area.

The attached report prepared by Deakin University summarises the results of the speed limit trial and the methods we used to analyse the results.

Evaluation of speed limit reduction on the GOR - Final Report

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