Trafalgar is growing, with more houses and more people entering the highway from the side-roads. As areas change over time, infrastructure and the way people move around also change.

After completing a technical review, as well as discussing the road environment with key stakeholders and residents, it is clear the current speed limits on several roads are not suitable.

We’re implementing a safer speed of 60km/h on the Princes Highway, as well as 40km/h speeds near the school and where kids walk to and from school. 

Safer speeds for kids travelling to Trafalgar Primary and Secondary Schools

To keep our kids safe, we’ll be installing 40 km/h school speed zones on Ashby Street, Anzac Road, and Contingent Street. 

We’ll also be extending the permanent 40km/h on School Road by a further 200 metres to the east to include the residential area. 

Electronic Speed Limit have been installed on Ashby Street to remind drivers of reduced speed limits when entering a school zone. They will be switched on soon. The Electronic Speed Signs at Ashby Street are jointly funded by the Victorian and Australian Governments as part of a road safety stimulus program that supports jobs across Victoria.

These busy, high-risk pedestrian and school areas will be made safer thanks to this investment. 

Why safer speeds?

Introducing a 40km/h speed limit in these locations will more than double a child’s chance of surviving if they were struck by a car.

Lower speeds would also significantly reduce the likelihood of a vehicle striking a child.

Trafalgar Schools safety improvements

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Safer speeds on the Princes Highway

Every day, thousands of people rely on the Princes Highway to get to the shops, go to school or work, and spend time with their families.

To improve safety, we will be applying a safer speed limit of 60km/h on the Princes Highway through the town. This will apply in the Moe-bound direction between Anzac Road and just past Davey Drive, and also Yarragon-bound before Davey Drive.

We are also exploring options to improve safety at this intersection. We will closely work with the community and provide more information in the coming months.

Why a safer speed?

The safer speed is in response to crashes near Davey Drive. The new speed will help people to turn out of the side road more safely.

Speed impacts reaction time. Slower speeds give drivers more time to react if something goes wrong and there is more chance of regaining control and avoiding a crash. As humans we all make mistakes, and roads should be designed to be a more forgiving environment, so when a mistake happens, it doesn’t cost a life or cause a severe injury.

By making sure the speed limit is right for the road, we can help prevent crashes and reduce their severity.

Travel time

This safer speed adds only minimal time to your journey – around 10 seconds over the distance.

Princes Highway Trafalgar safety improvements

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How can I get more information?

Call:    133RRV