We’re improving safety at 30 high-speed high-risk rural intersections across the state as part of the jointly funded program to deliver shovel-ready infrastructure projects and urgent road safety improvements in Victoria.

What we're doing

We’re making 30 high-speed, high-risk rural intersections safer with new features designed to reduce the risk of serious crashes.

We’re improving safety by delivering intersection improvements, including:

  • installing traffic islands to separate lanes entering and exiting intersections
  • installing roundabouts 
  • adding additional line markings to better define intersections and lanes
  • removing obstructions to improve line of sight
  • upgrading street lighting
  • adding signage to warn motorists that they’re approaching an intersection
  • installing raised intersection platforms to encourage drivers to slow down
  • installing protected right turning lanes and left slip lanes.

To learn more about what’s happening in your area visit our interactive safer roads website

Why we're doing it

Intersections pose a significant safety risk on our road network. With motorists, pedestrians and cyclists making turns and crossing paths, the risk of a collision is very high.

Intersections in regional areas pose a greater risk of collisions due to higher travel speeds, particularly where small side roads meet main roads. During the five years between January 2015 to December 2019, collisions at intersections have caused an average of 30% of deaths and 42% of serious injuries on Victorian roads.

Of these intersection crashes, 73.5% of fatalities occurred at regional intersections on high-speed roads with speed limits between 80km/h and 110km/h, and 54% of fatalities and serious injuries were caused by side impact crashes.

Infrastructure plays a vital role in preventing serious crashes. It also helps to reduce the severity of crashes when they’re unavoidable.

Mistakes happen, which as humans we can’t always avoid. What we can do is build more forgiving road infrastructure so that when a mistake does happen on the road, it doesn’t cost a life.

These high-risk intersections will be made safer thanks to the $19.9 million investment through the joint Australian and Victorian Government Targeted Road Safety Works program.

This jointly funded program is dedicating $97.2 million to deliver shovel-ready infrastructure projects and urgent road safety improvements in Victoria. This program aims to accelerate the delivery of new infrastructure projects, continue roads safety improvements and support construction jobs and economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

These upgrades are being delivered by Safer Roads, in partnership with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and will help us continue to deliver a safer network for connected journeys to get Victorians home sooner and safer, while supporting economic recovery.

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