The Princes Highway is a key route to busy tourist destinations such as Lakes Entrance, Gippsland Lakes and the High Country. During peak periods, traffic is often banked up between Yarragon and Trafalgar. 

In a Gippsland first, we’re installing CCTV cameras for monitoring traffic conditions at the intersection of Ashby Street and the Princes Highway. Our expert traffic light engineers will be able to remotely change the traffic lights and prioritise the flow of traffic, helping drivers to move smoothly and safely through the intersection.

At a later date, we will also be installing the equipment at the intersection of Rollo Street and the Princes Highway in Yarragon.

The equipment is already in place in metropolitan areas, and as part of the ‘Creating More Road Space’ project.  Melbourne benefits from world-leading freeway technology and this plan extends that technology-led approach to Gippsland, transforming the way our arterial roads are managed, keeping traffic flowing and updating drivers in real time.

We will analyse the outcomes of the Trafalgar cameras as we consider their suitability at other locations in Gippsland.

These are not red-light cameras, speed cameras, or mobile phone detectors.  

Why are we installing the equipment?

These locations were chosen because of the high number of rear-end crashes. During peak tourist times, traffic can build up considerably between Trafalgar and Yarragon, and installing this equipment will enable us to get vehicles moving more efficiently.

How does it work?

VicRoads has a Traffic Management Centre (TMC) from where experts monitor traffic and respond to incidents across Victoria’s road network. The cameras are managed remotely by the TMC and are used to monitor traffic conditions. Thanks to the cameras, the TMC can coordinate traffic lights based on traffic demands, helping drivers to move smoothly and safely through the intersection. 

CCTV Control room

VicRoads Traffic Control Room

VicRoads staff monitor traffic flow from the Traffic Management Centre

How can I get more information?

Call:    133RRV