About Regional Roads Victoria

The Department of Transport and Planning is focussed on coordinating the transport system and planning for Victoria’s future.  This approach will ensure we are responding to regional issues for regional people. 

Victoria is facing a period of intense growth and change - with the state's population forecast to reach 11 million by 2056.

An integrated approach to Victoria's transport system makes the best use of what we have now, plans for the future, and establishes a blueprint to take advantage of the opportunities.

As part of this, Regional Transport brings a coordinated, consistent and integrated approach to improving the regional road network of approximately 19,000km.

Regional leadership

RRV brings together five regions which include:

The five regional offices, regional Public Transport and the Safer Roads program are managed by the Chief, Regional Surface Transport. 

What is Regional Transport's focus?

With more than 19,000 kilometres of arterial roads to manage – from the major freeways and highways linking our towns and cities, to the roads that service agricultural production, freight and tourism – we’re working closely with communities, industry and other parts of Government who are delivering for regional Victoria. This includes Major Road Projects Victoria and the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority to make sure road improvements are delivered to a high standard and with minimal disruption. Our roads also support 43 million regional public transport trips per annum that rely on the regional road network to get around.

We are now working with every regional and rural council and community to improve how the transport network is planned and maintained. We are doing this so that we deliver better outcomes for people, wherever they live. 

Making our roads safer

We engage with communities to better understand their values and road safety priorities. We’ve taken this on board with our partners, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to deliver projects that are improving safety and the road condition where the needs are highest.

Our  Road Safety Program is reducing the risk and severity of crashes for all road users by installing safety treatments, including: 

  • flexible safety barriers
  • wide centrelines
  • overtaking lanes
  • intersection upgrades
  • new cycling corridors
  • pedestrian crossings.

Our aim is not only to consistently improve the safety and condition of our roads, but to bring you with us – so you know the why and how of what we’re doing, and the benefits.  

What are our funding priorities?

The Victorian Government invested $780 million in 2022-23  into rebuilding and resealing regional roads will see more smoother, stronger and safer roads delivered through the annual maintenance program.

The Road Safety Program is jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian Governments as part of their ongoing commitment to improving road safety for all and reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads. Since January 2021, the Australian and Victorian Governments have invested $457 million into the Road Safety Program.  

How we engage with you?

We set a  benchmark for community engagement with a focus on ‘closing the loop’ with the communities and industries we’re working with. Our dedicated call centre - 133 778 - is connecting with more Victorians than ever, and we’re being more proactive, open and transparent about our program of works (both planned and underway) via this website, media and social media. 

Through every aspect of planning and delivery, we’re coordinating with other parts of Government, who are delivering for regional Victoria, to make sure these transport priorities get done with minimal disruption for locals. Ultimately, our job is to make sure that the regional transport network which people rely on every day to get to work or take their kids to school or move their produce to market, is up to scratch.

This is a challenge that will take sustained focus, consultation and continued investment. It’s critical that we keep working together to make our everyday connections reliable, comfortable, sustainable and safe.